August 18, 2013

Hello 34!

My birthday was Aug. 7th so Mike and the kids spoiled me rotten...all week long.
We camped (the weekend before and after), went downtown and played tourist, had ice cream (I had coffee- my fave) and last but not least while I was on a run the boys set up a surprise party for me with Pin the Tail on the Donkey and everything. It was a great week!

we got to visit with our friend Eva and her son Cash!

breathtaking view from my birthday run
 From our camping trip...

My 34th year is starting pretty awesome!

August 5, 2013

The Ocean is a Wilderness...

Our dear friends, the Currier's have an amazing 40+ ft sailboat and we were so excited to spend the day on it with them. The weather was perfect and we headed out for an evening sail. The boys just loved being on a boat, which reassured Mike and I that it is a must for us in the future. There is something so amazing, so relaxing, so freeing,  about being on the water. 

 Auke Bay has yachts mooring all summer long from all over the world. The sailboat on the right is worth $450 million dollars!

 Mike was in charge of steering the boat most of the time. It was pretty awesome, and he was having a blast! 
 Logie, of course, trying to be just like dad. 
What a magical day!


We took advantage of the awesome weather we've been having and took an impromptu camping trip out at Sunshine Cove. Mike had just had his birthday and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate! Although we haven't been able to do it much, it is one of our favorite things to do. 

 For our Harpie girl's first time camping she did awesome! Our big girl is nine weeks old now!!
 The boys swam all day on the rafts in the cold water, completely unfazed. Mike and I soaked up the sun and watched the boys have the time of their lives. We are reminded on a daily basis why we live here. Juneau is amazing!

August 1, 2013

Our 2 month old Bebe on a Boat

Oh we are so lucky to have this little munchkin in our lives!

Lots of reading at the library, and Logie drawing his airplanes from his 'How to Draw Planes' book. 

Mike took this picture of the kids and I's one of my favorites. 
 This is a typical night in our bed

We went on a great day fishing trip with our friends. We caught two halibut and had a blast!!

This was a great reminder of why we live here in Alaska! Can't wait to get a boat of our own.