November 16, 2011


Last night I got to thinking....
Before kids I
-had hours to sit at a coffee shop and read (my favorite thing)
-went to bed a 8 if I wanted and woke up at 10 if I wanted too
-went out for late dinners or movies without warning
-had half the amount of clothes to wash, sort, fold, put away
-didn't step on Lego pieces taking over our house
-rarely cleaned mirrors because they didn't have two year old fingerprints on them
-didn't find old cheerios and McDonald's toys in the back seat of the car
-watched adult television and not just Olivia, Wow Wow Wubsy, Indiana Jones and Harry Potter over and over

-went to the gym when I wanted not when the daycare was open
-got to spoon my husband at night and not just hold his hand from afar with our boys in the middle like a sandwich
-went on an afternoon run, whenever I felt like it
-had half the amount of junk I have now.
-could take a road trip, unplanned to Vegas on a Friday with Mike.
-did yoga in my living room without Logan thinking I wanted him to wrestle me while doing warrior pose

 But now...and  two beautiful boys later, I

-am surrounded nightly by kisses and hugs everywhere I go
-play hide and seek and listen to happy giggles under their covers ("mom I hiding here!")

-miss having a little baby to nestle and now just have a silly two year old monkey and an awesome 6 year old.
-get to watch their excitement on the first snow, Christmas morning, losing their teeth, learning about Jesus, making friends, signing up for basketball, and playing in the park

-can go on spontaneous trips throughout Alaska when we want, with just a LITTLE planning
-exploring our beautiful state with myself and 3 boys and watching the wonder that each new adventure brings
-look into my sons eyes and see my beautiful husband and feel pride, love and joy overflowing with all that we've accomplished.

So yes, our life is different.
Yes, I am not the same person I was at 18 (thank goodness ; )
   as a newleywed at 23, or even as a new mom at 24.

I am a mother of two, wife of an amazing man, friend and daughter.
I live a blessed, wild, crazy, messy, adventurous, amazing life of laughter, love, and wonder.
I wouldn't change a thing for the world....not even for a few extra hours or minutes in a bookstore alone. :))

p.s. thank you for all the entries to my giveaway. The winner is Megan! I will email you soon.

(some of these pics were from our Halloween Festival at my school, others were on a fishing adventure this summer!)
Now I encourage you to watch this! A beautiful story about how life changes but your love can overcome! Enjoy!!

The Ruetschle Story from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo.


  1. Your words are so beautiful ... I want to feel the same very soon.

  2. Lovely. Makes me want to go kiss all of my little stinkers. Loving the new blog header too!

  3. What a beautiful post :)

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  5. oh my.. I love this post and I watched the video.. it's so completely inspirational.. it had me in tears.. =)

    Thanks so much for sharing this.. I needed it.

  6. Perfectly said. But thank God for Hubby's who'll take the kids to let us steal away some quiet time in a bookstore ;)

  7. Very positive message friend. I don't have kids and I enjoy life without kids for now...but I know once I have children life will be very different in a great way :)

  8. My life is so different now that we have Ruby even though I do think and miss my old ways I would never wish her away. Life with her is 10 million times better than it was before.
    Also that video...was amazing. I have fears (sometimes) of Dan getting into a bad accident on his motorcycle even though I have confidence in his ability to safely ride. Its the other people on the road I worry about.

  9. Someday you'll be able to again do all those things without having to consider your children; so enjoy every minute you have with them now because they grow up so fast.


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