November 20, 2011

Love Alaska

I have told you time and time again that I love living in Alaska. I love the adventure, the beauty, the wilderness, the excitement, everything! Well here are a couple of my favorite shows that Mike and I enjoy watching...

R5 Sons The Perrins family, 5 adult sons and their parents running a lodge outside of Anchorage. The scenary is breathtaking, the adventures are unique to Alaska and the only way you can get there is by plane. It's perfect.

Alone Across the Wilderness...1000 Across Alaska
One man, Buck Nelson hiking and canoing across our great state in a mountain range north of the Arctic Circle.

We have tons of other shows that we love and more that we discover each day. One of our favorite channels is Alaska 360 North, or GCI's Alaska On Demand. If you have a favorite Alaska show I would love to hear it!!

Happy Sunday
(pics taken from their respective websites...sorry if they are blurry)


  1. Mick and I love Flying Wild Alaska, about the Tweto family and their business out of Unalakleet. They own ERA (not the helicopters), flight business and fly bush planes all over interior Ak. Their daughter Ariel is a kick.

  2. It definitely is beautiful..! My husband and I would love to visit one day. The sky at night must be incredible.

  3. I've never been to Alaska but its definitely on my bucket list!


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